A Midsummer Flight’s Dream

Josefien Stoppelenburg - dreambirds1
Dreambirds, by Josefien Stoppelenburg

It’s the same thing every year. We anticipate the beginning of spring, waiting oh so impatiently for the first sign of green stuff popping up, for that first beautiful day that you can walk around without a jacket on. Mother Nature teases us with some cold days, lots of rain, and a few beautiful summer days thrown in, just to remind us that summer is worth waiting for. Then, suddenly, it arrives and boom, it’s half over before you can even catch your breath.

I’m making a summer bucket list this year on a whiteboard, listing all the potential things I want to do during this wonderful season – festivals, places I want to visit, weekend trips, parties, etc. But I also want to make sure I take time to just BE this summer, to savor all the beautiful and wonderful things that summer is. The warm breeze whispering on my shoulder on a lovely summer evening. That special, unique taste of a cold beer enjoyed on the patio on a warm night. The tickle of warm water as it caresses your toes when walking along the beach. And yes, even the symphony of birds put on in the wee hours every morning.

Our new Summer Art Gallery features the things that evoke that summer feeling. Join us this Thursday, June 2nd from 6 to 9 pm for the Opening, which will benefit the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra. One of our featured artists,  the talented Josefien Stoppelenburg, is also a member of the ESO and will be giving a short performance.

It’s a great way to kick off the official beginning of summer, chat with old friends, and meet new ones. And to soak in summertime.

BTW, our patio at Flight 112 is a great place to start.


Man Made: A look into the Creative Minds of Men


We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new Spring Art Gallery, Man Made, featuring the perspectives of three male artists. Join us on Thursday, March 2nd, beginning at 6 pm, for the opening event.

Walking into Flight 112 this morning was a delight to my winter weary senses. Bursts of vibrant color and summer scenes awakened and energized me. While each of our artists has his own favorite subjects and style of painting, I think you’ll agree that they convey the passion each has for his subject.

Artist Wes Baker’s work captures the exhilaration of riding a motorcycle for both riders and non-riders.

Rain Riders
Rain Riders

“Motorcycles and fine art share a common power: both objects can stir the human soul,” says Baker. “A rider experiences the weather, the environment, and feelings of excitement and control on a motorcycle; a viewer of art can feel the joys and risks of the ride through a canvas. I strive to capture these emotional interactions in my paintings.”

As a frequent passenger on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, many of Baker’s paintings stirred up fond memories of past travels, such as the time we toured the country, from Chicago to Colorado and back, stopping at stunning things you’d never notice from a car. You almost become a part of the landscape.

Baker also has recently focused on the plight of Native Americans in his works as well.  A member of the Elmhurst Artist Guild, his work is currently on exhibit at the American Motorcycle Association Hall of Fame Museum.


Local artist Hadley Pihl is a 90 year old, third generation painter who exudes the energy of someone half his age. A current resident of Park Place of Elmhurst, Pihl draws upon his East Coast roots, love of color and the sea for inspiration.

Hadley finds that the comradery of his fellow artists at Park Place provides him much creative fuel as well.  “It is fun to paint with others, to exchange ideas, discuss colors and techniques, ” says Pihl. “Park Place has given the residents a marvelous studio.”

Abstract Flowers
Abstract Flowers

Pihl is always giving back to his community and will be donating all of the proceeds from the sale of his paintings to benefit residents with financial and/or long term care needs.



A big wagyu beef cheeseburger
A big wagyu beef cheeseburger

The vibrant work of artist Alberto Nolazco is influenced by the work of modern masters such as Andy Warhol and Picasso. His chosen mediums include acrylic paint, marker, screen printing, ink, and collage. His portrayal of everyday items are made interesting and unique by the use of contrast and vibrant colors.


Nolazco enjoyed (and still does) reading comics as a teen, and his art reflects this interest. His training as an illustrator and his day career as a graphic artist influence his work as well.

Art Director Donna Castellanos will be displaying her new exhibit, which is influenced by both traditionally “male” objects as well as her favorite male artists. Castellanos upcycles unique vintage items to create something new and unique. You’ll have to see what she does with light switches!

The Spring Art Gallery will be on display through the end of May, and we encourage you to stop by anytime and have a look. Purchases can be arranged through each individual artist.




Join us this Thursday for our Fall Art Gallery Opening “Wings in Flight”

I am sitting here by the flicker of a dwindling campfire, still burning from last night, surrounded by stately old trees in the middle of Peninsula State Park up in beautiful Door County. And as I gaze at the abundant green-ness of everything, I think about how different this landscape will look in just a month or so.

Yes, fall is in the air and Mother Nature will soon be boasting her most radiant of colors for one last hurrah before the cold winter grips us.  And this transformation of nature will be the focus of the new installation of our Fall Art Gallery!

Join us this Thursday, September 10th from 6 to 9pm wings in flight1as we celebrate “Wings in Flight”, the aptly titled collection of interesting and unique interpretations of nature by our showcased local artists, Angela Moulton, Luisa Castellanos, and Donna Castellanos.


To artist Angela Moulton, Wings in Flight is a literal interpretation of one of her favorite subjects, birds.

“I really feel inspired by the details in nature that often get overlooked in a busy modern lifestyle and can only be noticed by slowing down and being quiet,” said Moulton. “That is what is motivating my bird paintings.”

Moulton says that birds have such unique personalities, and she thus tries to capture them in her paintings.

And it strikes me that birds are the perfect example of how nature is transforming bit by bit every single day. Fall isn’t just an abrupt occurrence that happens – it’s a slow march, minute by minute. Think about spring and early summer, when the birds would be heralding the early morning in chorus during the wee hours! Now, the sun doesn’t peek out until nearly 6am and the birds are equally as lazy.

Transformation, for artist Luisa Castellanos, means stretching her “wings” and experimenting with different mediums. “I wanted to expand from my usual medium of fiber arts to other sculpture forms and mixed medium works. When I first began making my plaster Pods earlier this year, I discovered my obsession with repetition. In a way repetition can be soothing and we see a lot of it in nature.”

Luisa says that although her Pods don’t necessarily have “wings” like the title of the exhibition, they are abstract nature-like forms that fly above as an installation piece.

Luisa has been an entrepreneurial artist since the tender age of eleven and is well known for her plush toys, Pock-it Palz, which she sews and designs. “Creating artwork has been more than just a hobby to me. Strangely enough it’s my passion for creativity and entrepreneurship that drove me to earn my degree in Business from DePaul University.” She has also worked for a number of creative small businesses including an ice cream shop, a toy store, and an art museum.

And simple, everyday objects are given a new life and transformed in the works of our Art Director Donna Castellanos. “My inspiration comes from the found objects that I hunt and discover,” says Donna.

“I love the smell, feel, craftsmanship and the beautiful typeset in old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. Many of these books are left behind at estate sales and thrift shops, left for me to rescue from a tragic dumpster end. These pages and covers have been used in my series of tree art pieces. I guess you could say it’s representing the very beginning step in the creation of a book…a tree,” she said.

An old and favorite book, filled with Albrecht Durer prints and illustration, was the inspiration for a new piece.

“His renaissance painting of a hedgehog was the inspiration for my mixed media hedgehog that includes hundreds of rusty pins,” she said.

Full of color and vibrancy, our new exhibit is not to be missed! Fall is in Flight starting this week and we hope that you will join us!

Sunday FunDay Sunday Brunch

Sundays are perfect for kicking back and taking life easy. Especially on a gorgeous, breezy summer afternoon. With a spicy Bloody Mary, preferably.

That’s what’s so chill about Brunch – you can take care of two meals in one, eat it at a later hour, sip a cocktail with it, and no one even raises an eyebrow.

Have you ever stopped by for our Sunday Brunch at Flight 112? We’ve got all the ingredients for a laid back Sunday, including a fabulous patio on which to enjoy it!

Freshly picked Basil from our Patio.
Juicy tomatoes!

It’s worth noting that we make all of our food from scratch, even our ketchup. In fact, you’ll see some of our handgrown plants surrounding the perimeter of our patio. Both Chef Mike and Visal incorporate these garden fresh herbs and produce into our food and drinks. (speaking of drinks – just wait till you see the infused cocktails coming soon!)


bananas foster french toast1
Our sinfully delicious Bananas Foster French Toast!

Yes, you’ll find the breakfast basics, such as eggs and pancakes. But even those have their own distinctive touches, like our Truffle Egg Omelet, made with Truffle Tremor Cheese, which imparts a hint of earthiness. Or our Bananas Foster French Toast, a rich, sweet delight.

And you’ve got to try our Mexican Oatmeal – it’s not your momma’s porridge! Based on a long last recipe from the old Cafe Las Bellas Artes, this special dish hails from the Mexico City region. Cafe Las Bellas Artes was the iconic Mexican restaurant that formerly occupied our building. Our Art Director Donna Castellanos secured the recipe from a friend of a friend of the original owner.

“It has a dessert feel to it,” describes Castellanos, “With a breath of cinnamon!”

grilled cheese panini
Our Grilled Cheese Panini.

Rounding out the more lunch-ey type items, you’ll find a grownup version of grilled cheese, made with fresh basil and Iberico cheese, all on fresh brioche; several fresh salads, and Shrimp & Grits.

Did you know that our Brunch menu is available for private parties and events? We can even mix and match a couple of Brunch items with our regular menu.

Personally, I think our Bloody Mary is one of the best around! Our menu boasts several other interesting Brunch cocktails, along with brunch beers. Can’t wait till football season!


Quench your thirst with one of our Summer Drinks

It’s the first weekend that we’ve really had that feels like summer – hot, humid, andpatio2 sticky. A nice, frosty drink is the perfect remedy for relaxing and chilling out!

Beer is the obvious choice for many in the summer, and Flight 112 certainly has an extensive selection of lighter craft brews that will go down easy. But what about if you are a wine drinker or you don’t like beer? Red wines just don’t cut it on a hot day. Here are some alternative drinks to help get you through the heat:

– A cool, crisp white wine is the ideal alternative for wine drinkers. Our Tangent Albarino is similar to a Sauvignon Blanc but not quite as fruity. Or try the Opolo Viognier, an aromatic, fruitier white with a mineral finish.

– Our fabulous Sangria is to die for! Made using a secret recipe from our owner sangriaVisal, a nice, icy glass goes down super easy. Check them out on Thursday nights during our Ladies’ Nights – they are only $5 a glass!

– Sparkling wines and roses are always fun for a hot summer day, and their lower alcohol content makes them an ideal companion for a hot, sunny afternoon drink.

– Nothing screams summer more than our Kicking Mule cocktail. This twist on an old classic utilizes Jalapeno vodka with a touch of lime juice. Hot, spicy foods actually make you cooler.

– Our Italian 75 combines bubbly Prosecco with some Bombay Sapphire, making it a great sipping cocktail.

And of course, we have our old favorites, such as a ramped up Cucumber Lemonade. And for Brunch, a tasty Mimosa hits the spot!

Come check out our patio this weekend – your cocktail is waiting to cool you off!


The Mystique of Whiskey

The big decision, whenever we go out with some good friends, is which Scotch the men will try that evening. Sometimes they’ll get an old favorite, like a fine Macallan. Or perhaps the bartender will pique their interest with some new, rare bottle they were able to get their hands on.

Whatever the choice may be, the two men will savor it slowly while discussing the events of their past week, sharing stories about work and projects. Often they’ll plan out our next motorcycle trip to some unique place, like Croatia or Ecuador or Canada (but that’s another story!). Sometimes they don’t say much of anything. But one thing’s for sure – that Scotch is an integral part of that moment.

Enjoying a fine glass of Scotch or some other single malt whiskey is different than doing a shot of Fireball. One is raucous, meant for that crazy moment at a party, designed to get you, let’s be honest, just a little bit drunk very quickly. A Scotch, in contrast, is meant to be sipped and relished slowly. Each taste is like drinking in a bit of history and tradition.

“I enjoy it for the complex character that each region offers,” says my friend. My husband concurs, adding that he loves the tradition behind each brand of Scotch and each unique bottle. But why Scotch, I ask, and not a fine glass of Patron Anejo?

It’s a thinking man’s drink, remarks another friend. To him, enjoying a fine Scotch takes a discerning, refined taste.

My son, who is in his mid-twenties, would seem to echo that sentiment. He has, in the last year or so, started exploring the world of whiskey, and will save up for a fine bottle of Scotch. It’s nothing something he would have ever drank in college, but it seems to now signify wisdom and experience to him. Perhaps it’s the maturity of realizing that a drink can mean more than just a means to getting drunk.

To my husband, enjoying a fine Scotch with a good friend is a celebration of the moment, of achievements, friendships, and life itself.

Join us this Father’s Day Weekend as we celebrate with two special flights of Scotch. We’ve chosen the scotches as a good representation of the wide ranges and characteristics that this fine whiskey can possess.

And come celebrate your precious moments of life here at Flight 112. We have over 35 single malts and 7 blended malts – and you’ll find a unique selection of Scotches, whiskeys, and other spirits that you won’t find at many other places.


Father’s Day Scotch Flights (Friday & Saturday, June 19th & 20th)

The Basic Scotches ($20)

* Bruichladdich Islay Barley – A mild, smooth, non-smoky Scotch.

* Glenlivet Nadurra – Cask Strength – An undiluted Scotch with a high alcohol content.

* Talisker 10 years – A smoky, peaty Scotch.
The Rare Scotches ($25)

* Oban Distiller’s Edition – A gentle, fruit and honey forward Scotch, aged 14 years and then matured in used Montilla Fino Sherry casks.

* Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition – Smoky yet mellow.

* Glenmorangie Ealanta – Fully matured in virgin American white oak casks. Voted World Whiskey of the Year by the Whiskey Bible.


Support Local Art this Thursday at our Gallery Opening!

Shopping local is the buzzword nowadays, isn’t it? We all bemoan the demise of many of our local businesses in Elmhurst as well as other towns. With myriad shopping malls and big box stores nearby, plus the ease of shopping online, it’s definitely difficult for many small businesses to flourish as they once did.

There’s one business, though, which simply cannot be replicated online – buying art.  There’s nothing that really substitutes the experience of viewing art in person. Art is a total sensory experience. Buying art online is similar to watching a YouTube video of a thrilling roller coaster ride – you are just getting a tiny fraction of the experience.

And while it’s easy to buy cheap artistic reproductions at big box stores, the uniqueness of an original piece can’t be beat. Shopping and supporting our local artists is a way to enjoy high quality, one of a kind art while also keeping creativity and free speech alive in our local communities.

Stop by Flight 112 this Thursday, June 4th for our Art Gallery Opening, featuring five local artists. Use all your senses to view their work, enjoy a fine glass of wine, and socialize with other like-minded individuals. And support local art in your community!

Elmhurst Art Museum staff member and local artist Caroly Hartmann paintingCarolyn Hartmann will be displaying her unique and talented work for the next couple of months at our gallery. A graduate of Elmhurst College, Hartmann handles the museum’s marketing and a variety of other duties. Her paintings are done in oil and are an interpretation of photo double exposures.

Talented local artist and York alumni Marta Tiesenga is a visual and sound artist who explores and experimentsmarta tiesinga painting with intersections between repetition, language and nonverbal communication, transience, geometric explorations, and technology. She works with images and sound, striving to find an encompassing synthesis between media with inter-sensory art and performance. In her series of glitch paintings, the relationship between the transience of digital glitches and the deliberation of painting is highlighted and manipulated.

Elmhurst resident Linda Mierendorf uses acrylic paintslinda mierendorf painting on her Impressionistic-style landscapes and portraits to evoke quiet, reflective moments and memories. Linda began drawing at an early age, and studied drawing and painting in college. She is a member of the Elmhurst Artists’ Guild and works professionally as a graphic designer, muralist, and painter. Her work can be viewed in the guild gallery at the Elmhurst Art Museum and she has also been exhibited in the Alliance of Fine Arts Best of the Best Exhibit at the Mayslake Peabody Estate.

Our resident artist and Art Director Donna Castellanos debuts her new series of work, “Playing Dress Up”,photo 3 inspired by glamorous fashion illustrators of the past, such as Edith Head. “I make and alter much of my own clothing,” says Castellanos, “and I love the old glamour of Hollywood.” Castellanos uses repurposed and often vintage items to create her mixed media pieces, such as her piece, Ball Gown, in which old baseball covers create a textured and slightly golden voluminous skirt; and She’s All Write, in which vintage postcards and letters comprise the background of this elegantly attired dame.


Photographer and Mixed Media artist Glenda Lissette shares her unique viewpoint on life, love, travel, interesting places, fashion, and more through often introspective filters. Lissette is a graduate of York and a current college student living in Chicago.


The Stories behind our Art Gallery Opening

Did you know that Flight 112 is actually an Art Gallery as well as a restaurant and bar?

We support our vibrant local art community and feature the work of several  artists in our venue. Our Art Director, Donna Castellanos (a local artist as well as the creator of the beautiful mural in our foyer), plans and coordinates each three month exhibit, which is kicked off  with an Art Gallery Opening. Our next Art Gallery Opening is Thursday, June 4th from 6pm to 9pm, and we’ll be offering complimentary appetizers till 8pm. This event is open to the public, and gives us a chance to view the new works, commune and talk to the featured artists, and just have an enjoyable evening out. The artwork in our gallery is always available to purchase as well!

Art is meant to inspire and to evoke feeling. It’s like music – upon viewing a piece, you may find yourself feeling something deep down inside that you can’t quite put your finger on. It may conjure up a memory from the past; perhaps a place you visited or a moment from a past era.

the scream edvard munch
The Scream

What’s the story behind a piece of art, though? Certainly the first time you saw The Scream, you had to wonder what was happening in artist Edvard Munch’s life to inspire this piece! And the art becomes that much richer and compelling when you can attach a meaning to it, I think.

Several years ago, we were visiting Mineral Point, a historic mining town about an hour southwest of Madison, Wisconsin. Though this town is tiny, it is home to over 20 art galleries and they host art and other cultural events throughout the year, including the fabulous Fall Art Tour.

ben brummerhop art
Ben Brummerhop

I found myself captivated by an exhibition at one of the galleries. Modern pieces, full of swirls of vibrant colors that somehow spoke to me, making me feel alive, vital, and full of energy. The artist, Ben Brummerhop, happened to be there and we started chatting. Turned out, he created this series using syringes of paint that were shot onto the canvas – the same syringes that he once used to feed his addiction. He was a recovering meth addict who found solace and recovery in his artwork. It was his therapy. As a person who loves redemption and renewal, I found his story fascinating, and appreciated his vulnerability in telling me his story.

Our local artists also have their own stories, their own inspiration, and philosophy of art. Just as there are fascinating tales behind the classic Beatles and Fleetwood Mac songs, and thoughts and stories behind the creation of the Mad Men Series Finale.

We invite you to join us for our upcoming Art Gallery Opening and chat with the artists. Find out what inspires and speaks to you. Life is amazing and so are its stories, and isn’t art just an expression of it?


Have a Cold One with us during Chicago Craft Beer Week!

The 6th Annual Chicago Craft Beer Week begins Thursday, May 14th and runs through Sunday, May 24th,flight 112 - beer and Flight 112 is excited to be a part of it! This event is meant to encourage and entice craft beer lovers to explore the depth and variety of local craft beers in our area.

There’s no denying that the craft beer movement has taken America by storm. Did you know that there are approximately 60 + local craft brewers in the Chicago area, with the number continuing to grow? We are constantly exploring new local breweries and craft beers to add to our menu – and we have quite an interesting and not to be missed menu of craft beers planned for the week!

Our featured tappings each day have been chosen because they are either rare, limited editions or special releases, or they are popular beers that have been aged in our cellar. Sometimes a stronger beer can be that much better when cellared and taste amazing.

For example, we are tapping the limited series 2013 and 2014 editions of Founders’ Backwoods Bastard on Friday, May 15th. This ale, which is aged in oak bourbon barrels, is released in November. Try a vertical tasting to discover the difference a year may make!

Our Tapping Schedule is listed below. For more information, please check our event page at Chicago Craft Beer Week.

Thursday, May 14th: Cahoots Brewing Barrel Aged No S’more Imperial Stout $7 8oz and Dry Hop Brewing Hell With The Lid on Barley Wine Style Beer $7 8oz

Friday, May 15th: 2013 and 2014 Founders Backwoods Bastard $8 for 8oz

Saturday, May 16th: 2013 and 2014 Bare Tree $7 8 oz

Thursday, May 21st: Three Floyds Moloko Milk Stout $7 8oz.

Friday, May 22nd: 2013 Firestone Walker Parabola $8 8oz

Saturday, May 23rd: Surprise!

Summertime, Party Time is Here!

Yes, Chicago, it’s finally here! Planting season, warm rays of sunshine caressing our faces, and long summer nights. And most of all, it’s time for summertime drinking outdoors and BBQs!

Is there nothing better than enjoying a frosty cold beer flight 112 - patio1while feeling a warm breeze waft across your shoulders? We are blessed to have a lovely and private patio here at Flight 112 to share with our guests! Featuring patio table seating, it’s the perfect place to enjoy dinner on a summer evening or several drinks with friends.

Did you know that our patio can be rented out for your private events? It’s connected to our lounge area and rented together as one venue, providing a unique indoor/outdoor environment for parties. Perfect for graduations, birthdays, and even fundraising events. Guests have plenty of room to mill about and socialize. Your buffet is set up in the lounge area, and is replenished throughout the event. All you have to do is enjoy!

Speaking of barbecues, we can customize our menu to please you! Want a BBQ, Taco Bar, or even a Clambake? Just ask and we’ll do our utmost to make your event special!

Want to get more information on hosting your event at Flight 112? Just click here